Bai research group Zoom meeting on Jan 14, 2022, kicking off another challenging but surely brighter year. From left to right each row: Rajeev, Peng, Penghao, Ethan, He, Youngju, Bingyuan, Shubham, and Poom.

Principal Investigator

Professor Peng Bai

Assistant Professor

Doctoral Students

Doctoral Student

Spatiotemporal heterogeneities in particulate electrodes for lithium-ion batteries

Doctoral Student

Modulation of penetration and Interphase dynamics for Stable Lithium metal batteries

Doctoral Student

Interfacial kinetics and morphological instabilities of alkali metal anodes

Doctoral Student | McDonnell Scholar

Composite electrodes and degradation analysis.

Doctoral student

Critical electrochemical kinetics in ceramic solid electrolytes

Doctoral Student

Computation and simulation of electrolyte-electrode interfaces.

Doctoral Student

Co-advised by Prof. Vijay Ramani.

Master Students

Master Student

Sodium ion cathodes.


Master Students
  • Jiayi Wu, 03/2019-03/2020.
  • Longan Wu, 05/2019-03/2020.
  • Yuancheng Liu, 09/2019-01/2020.
  • Sikuang Wang, 09/2018-05/2020. Now enrolled in the data science master’s program at WashU.
  • Jinzhao Guo, 09/2017-06/2019. Now enrolled in the PhD program at Arizona State University.
  • Yongzhen Liu, 10/2017-02/2018.
Undergraduate students
  • Jiayuan Ma, 09/2019-12/2019.
  • Nick Matteucci, 05/2019-03/2020. Now enrolled in the PhD program at MIT.
Visiting students
  • Dem Ele III Santiago-Santiago, Universidad de Puerto Rico, 06/2021-08/2021
  • Ge Mu, Beijing Institute of Technology, 10/2019-10/2020.
  • Rochit Sinha, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, 05/2019-07/2019.
  • Amit Choudhary, IIT Delhi, 05/2019-07/2019.
  • Kei Ki, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 05/2019-08/2019.
  • Sri Savya Tanikella, IIT Gandhinagar, 06/2018-08/2018. Now enrolled in the PhD program at University of California Santa Barbara.
K12 Students
  • Winston Chen, 07/2018, 07/2019.
  • Adi Kondepudi, 07/2018, 07/2019.

More Group Photos

– 2021 –

Group lunch at Red Robin on June 9, 2021. From left to right: Poom, Rajeev, Shubham, Bingyuan, Dem, Youngju, and Peng

Group Zoom meeting on Mar 12, 2021.

– 2020 –

Bai research group in the Missouri Botanical Garden on Oct 09, 2020. From left to right: Peng Bai, Bingyuan Ma, Ge Mu, Jiayi Wu, Youngju Lee, Rajeev Gopal, Poom Sittisomwong and Shubham Agrawal. This was a wonderful hybrid-mode group outing. Guess who “attended” with the help of Windows Paint  đŸ™‚

– 2019 –

Bai group in front of the Brauer Hall on June 19, 2019. From left to right: Nick, Amit, Kei, Sikuang, Bingyuan, Youngju, Peng, Longan, Winston, Adi, Jinzhao, Shubham and Rochit.